New is Now


Thieves have captured three dimensional power, but there’s dimensions beyond this which they’ve no recognition of, and are in denial of, that have far greater power. This is an advantage of consciousness, and now is the time to take advantage of this advantage. Make a New Year’s resolution that you’ll create a NEW way with NEW attitudes like, “God grant me the stubbornness to never accept that which I cannot change, but to reach beyond these three dimensions that appear impossible and discover hidden solutions with intuition.” To not evolve, but to devolve is a dangerous inaction in these dangerous times. Devolution is now a threat to the life of many species . . . a threat to any life is a threat to all life. This is why the word devil is common to both words ‘evil’ and ‘devolve’. Selfishness and timidity cause evil devolution in such critical times . . . a work of the thieves enabled by conscious inaction. We’re entering a sublimation moment in human history where ignorance has become more powerful and troublesome, and the highly conscious are stuck in timid frustration. These are not the assigned roles, but the default roles within devolution’s errors . . . the nature of selfish thieves and evil inactivity. This is a critical moment that’s been predicted for thousands of years in ancient scriptures such as the Bhavishya Purana. Bhavishya means history of the future; Purana means verse . . . a writing of future times as if they’ve already taken place. One of these future histories predicts the widespread ignorance of today, with humanity in a transition from violent ignorance to conscious compassion. Ignorance is holding power and conscious compassion hasn’t picked up the pace. This is the most delicate moment in evolution, when thieves make up the rules, and compassionate ones must break them, but must do so in quantum quantities without being noticed. Our prayer is that you take these times most seriously with tremendous humor; see yourself as critical to making a difference globally and smile knowing you will. Do not accept that which you cannot change, but accept the fact that there’s a way to change everything . . . smile, knowing you’re the one who’ll find a way.