Trusting the Imperfection of a Moment


Change is difficult once your dance patterns have been perfected. A change in habit must enter through a crack of perceived imperfection, a seam in the pattern of your perfect dance. Herein lays the dilemma.

All the information required to change is always present within you – this is the nature of the Cosmos. However, this information may present itself as chaotic, random and confused.

Remember: the perfected dance is marketable for your survival, but not your happiness.

When you desire change you must perform your old perfected dances with a flaw. Such a flaw may bring discomfort and embarrassment. Pass into this pain willingly and enthusiastically, as these flaws stumble into new patterns. These new patterns will allow for changes to emerge through their seams and cracks.

There are different ways to do this – yoga, meditation, singing, chanting, Chi Gung, Tai Chi, Pran Krya, and many more. These can all help with aligning the body with the psyche. This allows for greater clarity, and leads to super-intuition – one of the goals of consciousness.

Trusting the imperfections in these moments is a surrendering of control to the cosmic perfection. This is an extremely powerful thing, and something every human being has a right to.