My Image and the Mirror


The mantra that we will use many times in this year defines this management or this perception of conflict and it goes like this; I am equal to my image. That's fair isn't it? I guess if your image is your image then you're equal to it. Yes? I am not saying that your image is what you have written in a paragraph. Your image is your image. We may not have the total words to define it but it is what it is, you can't be anything else so you're equal to your image. My image strikes the mirror. What is the mirror? Everything except my image. Every person, every place, every thing, every moment, every time, the past, the present, the future, there, here, there. You, that, me, you, that is it. The mirror, I am equal to my image, my image strikes the mirror. Then what? I have an experience. I observe my reflection. There has to be a reason why. Why do I observe my reflection? Why would I have the capacity to observe my reflection? Everything evolved for a reason. Why do I observe my reflection from the mirror of my image all around me? For the angle of direction because in a binary construct every action has a reaction equal and opposite and if I don't have an angle I got stagnation. Life can not exist without an angle. This is not life. This is a stalemate. If for every action there is a reaction equal and opposite the only way for life to live is to have an angle. The only way for you to have an angle is for you to be outside the center because the center is the stalemate. Another word to be outside the center is to be eccentric. So the only way for you life to exist without stagnation and stalemate is for you to be eccentric. Your choice, how eccentric do you want to be? I chose a whole lot. From a very young age, people said to me, you are eccentric but I didn't' know they were criticizing me. I thought, well, that's really cool.