Move Into Mastery

Spring training is in full swing; let’s talk baseball. You're standing at home plate and you're up to bat. Someone is about to throw a ball at you at ninety miles an hour. You have a split second to determine the angle the ball is coming from, at what level, and at what position the ball is going to cross the plate. Now, what are you thinking about as you prepare to swing?
Chances are if you are thinking about anything - even the baseball - you’ll miss it. However, if you get yourself in a position of shunia (“the science of zero”) that means you are deeply sensing the moment. Your muscles will put the bat where the ball is because your inner ear will hear the channel of  the air molecules that are being disrupted. It will calibrate the distance that those air molecules are from the ground and the rate at which the trajectory of that ball is shifting. You won't have a thought in your brain, you will just swing and the swing will be perfect. That is mastery.
That is also called being zero, but that's a very unsafe position to be in according to your mind. Your mind would prefer to be in charge of hitting that baseball. It will take hold of the situation  even if you've got a perfect swing going. The brain will inquire part way through, have you considered x, y, and z? It will even forewarn you of how you want to respond to the failure of  not hitting the ball. Translate this into other mom ents of your life. How often are you actually in the moment of your life? Quite the mind in support of your mastery. Move into shunia daily, be at ease, and patient - and then swing away.