Mother's Day


Nothing works without mothers, nothing works like a mother . . . they’re the past, present and future of the world. The word woman is the ‘womb-with-man’ . . . 'womb' is the birthplace of the future, and ‘man’ is the perception of the present. Perception was the first moment of creation -- in fact, it was the cause of creation . . . the desire of the infinite nothing to reflect upon itself. It began as a mirror, longing to belong to its own reflection . . . the self within the self. Since this longing and belonging are of the same, no witness ever existed before this first reflection. The first witness was Adi Shakti -- the primal power -- and this is actually feminine . . . or as Yogi Bhajan once put it, “No one has ever seen a pregnant man, or a man giving birth.” Life is an intangible without a witness; it needs to be learned and experienced through these reflections. This first feminine witness, in these ancient moments, gave birth to all creation. This experience also gave birth to the senses in order for the reflections to be appreciated. Life desired a witness . . . the witness required a birthing . . . birthing required the mother. Once this experience of life was put into motion, it attached to these senses for safety. Liberation is releasing this attachment and transcending the experience. This is also taught to every child, by the mother, at the moment of birth. Our prayer is that you constantly achieve this liberation by honoring your mother; that you honor her in all of your life as she honored you with this gift of life; that this day known as “mother’s day” becomes a daily experience, and your lifetime revolves around the lessons she taught you at your birth.