Most Sophisticated Piece of Equipment

You have the most sophisticated piece of equipment on the planet and you're sitting in it right now and all you use it for is like a truck so you can move your brain around. So you can use it here doing this and then carry your brain over here to communicate with this then carry it over here to make a decision about what you're going to put in here so you can get through another three or four hours. You've got the most sophisticated vehicle in the world and you're using it as a flower pot.
You are definitely not using your capacity. You're earning a living and that's an oddity. You have already earned a living. You're alive. We are working at the beginning of this year, which is a three, two plus zero plus one plus zero equals three. Three equals the triangle and the triangle represents triangulation. We use it as a trial. Or we say I am trying. Or we use it in sailing and say, I am tactful. The year of three is about if you make a proposition there will be opposition. That is a law of physics but you really need to be able to know the full extent of the opposition but one thing you really need to know to begin with is that you're equal to it. The other statement in that statement of physics is that the opposition will be equal and opposite. Why don't you know this? Why do you just get up and grab a donut then go off and have a feeling somewhere and then feel a certain way about the feeling? Why?
Why are you so stupid? It's because no one every organized those books outside your door before. You go on and on through your life hoping you don't hit a big bump, Texas or Alabama. It's a big decision to make. I am not here to condemn enthusiasm, I am just here to observe that if your enthusiasm doesn't pay off, do you end up depressed? Enthusiasm is great but there will be a reaction and you need to know what the full extent that of that react is going to be from the surrounding event and you need to be able to have a full sensation of that and that is called dynamic silence.