More than Words


Etymology -- the construction of words -- is a key to understanding human consciousness. Every word -- like ancient temples -- arose from the simple to complex utterances . . . sounds. Mantras . . . 'man' means both ‘mind’ and ‘now’ . . . 'tra' means ‘projection’ and ‘acceptance’. The word confidence is ‘con’ plus ‘fidence’. 'Fidence' is ‘faith’ and 'con' is ‘with’. To be 'with faith' is confidence. Confidence locates skills in the darkness to generate light. This was always a capacity of the ‘elite’ . . . those who possessed the ‘light’ of ‘El’. The Egyptian word for Saturn was El, and in the ancient teachings from Egypt, to India, to China, it was the ‘Saturn’ teacher who was always the elite teacher . . . the teacher with the light of El. Words with profound meanings trigger feelings and emotions. Emotions generate and secrete hormones from the glands and organs. Every person has the entire emotional “body” . . . every person has all of the emotions. Words are language -- the ‘gauge’ of ‘length/depth’ -- they activate emotions and give advantages, or disadvantages to life. Vantage is an extra view . . . the ability to see beyond. Anger, for example, is actually an angle of your vantage within a moment. It’s most useful when it connects firmly to the moment and becomes determination -- to be undeterred. Determination is 'de' – another word for ‘of’ . . . 'termination' meaning the ‘end’ or ‘outcome’.  Determination is to be the outcome . . . to know the outcome. This was also called entitled -- those who had ‘title’ . . . those with advantage . . . the greatest ‘vantage’ or perspective. This was originally the condition of those who had awakened the Kundalini; who saw beyond the moment. These were the ‘rulers’ . . . rulers measure . . . and are to be measured up to. Rulers today are not rulers . . . to be measured up to; are not elite . . . of the light; are not confident . . . possessing faith, but are arrogant, and corrupted by false power. Our prayer is that you see yourself as elite . . . of the light; that you’re entitled as a ruler to be measured up to; that you’re a guide for life with confidence, and give the advantage of great vision to everyone now.