More Benevolent Outcomes


When the collective focus of human life unfairly distributes the ways, means and energies of achieving the commons of life, then there's a responsibility held by the more conscious ones, to operate a parallel symmetry . . . to face the same exact moments with more benevolent outcomes. To create these workarounds for what’s happening, or has happened, or will happen throughout many times, in many locations, to many people, like the unfair distribution of food is your job. 27,000 children starve every day in the world, while two and a half billion tons of food are wasted each year . . . a trillion dollars worth.

The parallel for other species is an instinctual correction -- the individual takes care of the entire group. But with humans, free-will gets in the way, and competition creates the sense that success is everyone for themself. This is where your prayers, meditations, contemplations, and conversations come up with the answers and solutions that arise from within the silence to listen. Called sunia, in Sanskrit, it’s your capacity to listen to a moment, at the level of a collective resonance . . . one that contains all of the parallel symmetries with their equal reactions to the unequal actions. You’re on Earth to answer this and many other disparities with the awakening and liberation of your advanced human heart. This must act in the face of these current intense competitions, leveraged by those who’ve gained advantage from human slavery disguised as earning a living. An interesting concept when you consider that there’s really nothing to earn except the illusion of capital creating greater ease, or greater freedom from the competition. Now is the time for a brand new ‘emancipation proclamation’, now is the moment you were incarnated on Earth for . . . a spirit on loan from the multiverse.

Our prayer is that you prosper with this wisdom brought to Earth from throughout the cosmos; that you take on this opportunity with your life, to share life throughout life in the world; that you're a leader who leads by the example of your passionate fire, a fire that lights the way for those who have contact with you . . . light them up . . . tag you’re it.

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