mistakes of great courage

Human beings are the only animal that is not instinctively driven when performing at its best. When a human being is performing at its best, it's instinctively guided. In order to support a life that is intuitively guided, you must have the freedom to make mistakes. For it is this very freedom to make mistakes, and not be punished, that opens the higher centers of the brain to intuition. Fear of mistakes shuts down your intuitive powers and turns on your instinctual patterns of emotion. In the mastery schools of the ancient past, mistakes were rewarded more enthusiastically than correctness. This method of education was training the student to have courage, a huge part of intuition; to have the courage of curiosity, a huge part of intuition; to have the freedom of fearlessness, a huge part of intuition, all to open up the higher centers of intuitive discovery. Mistakes were rewarded as indications of exploring the unknown, for you cannot venture into the unknown without making them . . . and a lot of them. Over the past 150 years of the industrial revolution, education has been created as a training ground for job placement, not the education of life's fulfillment . . . you've invented intelligence without compassionate consciousness. Today's world faces outstanding challenges -- challenges that have never been faced before in the history of humans; you require intuition far more than you need your instincts. With the advanced technology being invented -- technology that can destroy you if you use it incorrectly -- you will require the freedom of intuition in order to be guided and survive through the century. Our prayer is that you influence the education of everyone in your family and everyone you come in contact with; encourage the courage it takes to venture into the unknown adventures, to discover the previously unknown answers in the unknown realms. In this way you will create the freedom and strength to make rewarding mistakes at a personal level, and then intuitively discover the answers we require to survive at the collective level . . . surprisingly, these mistakes of great courage will allow all species to ultimately survive these incredible times.