Bigotry, phobias and discrimination are territorially driven miscalculations within the human imagination. This has been going on for thousands of years with survival conflicts and tribal disputes over unrecognized kinship and conflicting land rights. Whenever a society takes advantage, or promotes a collective bigotry, then evolution reverses it's flow -- becomes devolution -- a root to the word 'devil'. In other words, finding advantage in the miscalculation of human imagination -- promoting bigotry, discrimination, non-kinship and phobia -- is devolution . . . “the work of the devil.” This produces such vast differences in the distribution of resources that the specie devolves and ultimately collapses. Working against the very core of life, this creates false discrimination against every part of life . . . and whenever a specie believes its survival depends on this bigotry and hoarding, it will destroy itself. There’s never peace in this state of consciousness. “Peace is the acceptance of conflict,” Lao Tzu professed. Conflict is the presence of differences and the very nature of balance. The greater the differences, the easier the balancing act becomes. This is why a person, walking on a tight-rope, uses a long pole for balance . . . this pole (polarity) represents these differences . . . the longer the pole, the easier it is to balance. Acceptance of conflict is not doing nothing in the midst of it, it’s using the conflicting polarities to neutralize their imbalances. This is the nature that bigotry and discrimination ignore. Acceptance of the conflict -- fully comprehending the complete nature of conflict -- possesses the keys to its solutions. Acceptance inserts these keys -- opens the doors to a new vantage that shows where an advantage is. The obligation of evolution is to share this advantage . . . not hoard it. Our prayer is that you own the advantage of sharing; that you serve others in ways that promote their natural flow; that you develop a habit to know the devil when you see it and produce the polarity to its ignorance that’s greater than its ignorance . . . for the devil is clearly present in these current times.