Micro-steps for Growth


The healing properties of medicinal plants are a perfect guidance system that's evolved over millions -- perhaps billions -- of years, using micro-steps leading to a formula that ultimately guards the plant from risk. This allows it to survive and then thrive. These micro-steps of incremental protection have to be very small. Since every action has an equal reaction -- if any move were too large, or too fast, the reaction would have been too overwhelming to succeed. This would set up a rollercoaster of chaos, too difficult -- perhaps even impossible -- for evolution to manage. This chaos is the same system of reactions, called side-effects, that occur in modern medicine . . . working too fast and without the buffering agents contained in nature. The side-effects are simply those expected corrections that occur within the action/reaction cycle of matter. All the events you pass through in life are an exact, elaborately calculated, cosmic sequence of your risks to your rewards. As humans, you are repeatedly challenged, through the logic of passing time, to become your own cure. Taking lessons from the medicine of plants -- you must use small incremental steps, along with proper buffering agents -- in order to reduce the natural push back against your cures and growth. Be satisfied with little steps; do not ask for smash hits . . . explosions are not constructive. The best progress arrives within the acceptance of your natural balance . . . each action and its equal reaction interacting within your efforts. Our prayer is that you’re good with micro-steps for growth, health and change; that you relish the small movements forward without the reversals, corrections and side-effects; that the lessons you cherish are the ones that mimic nature . . . after all . . . nature has been succeeding for a very long time.