Merry Christmas


From a Talk by Yogi Bhajan, December 25th 1969 Today we celebrating the day for the Christ, right? The arrival of the Christ? This is what it means, Christmas to you? All the saints, saints, sages, Ten Commandments by Moses. When all holy people, they come, they give you a message... They are all one! You just see which brand one is. There is no brand! There is all one brand.

Do you want to know whether he [Jesus Christ] is alive or not. I give you the proof. In Vietnam there was a war going on, right? Seventy‐two hours there is a truce. In whose name is this truce? In the name of President Nixon? No. Russian prime minister has done it? No. Chinese president has done it? No. It has been done in the Name of Jesus the Christ. That is his arrival day. At least let us not fight for seventy‐ two hours because he was a man of peace.

Is he alive or is he dead? I am asking a practical question.

Student voice: “He is alive.”

He is alive. His credit is there in the world. People can do peace on his name. What else you want? That life, everyone can live. The teacher, the masters, the guru, the guides, whatever you can call them, I don't know. Swamis, whatever... I mean to say, I give you the freedom to call anybody by any name. Don't call the names, but call anybody by the name.

They come. They live with you a pattern of life. Those who start worshipping the being, the body are the greatest human which can be bracketed in the category of fools. Because a teacher LIVES a life and lets you lead that same life. Follow that path, [do] not start worshipping.

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