Merging with the Ambient Songs of the Heart and Soul


Losing yourself into the rhythms, melodies and pulsations of harmony -- merging with the ambient songs of the heart and soul -- permits you to discover pieces of you that have always been there, but were hidden behind the disharmonic, arrhythmical imposters -- within the noise, rules, regulations and expectations of fitting in. This has become the nature of human social nature and these are the characters that currently dominate the corrupted landscape of this space and time. This disruption within evolution will have tremendous push-back in the coming years. You are the push-back . . . you are the revelation . . . the [.3%] of the world’s total population becoming prophetic and messianic. Relationships with the imposters -- both within you, and around you -- must be embraced and forgiven in order for the masks to be dissolved and their toxicity to be resolved.

When they’re within you it’s a matter of clearing your DNA of all the ancestral shortcomings. When it’s all around you, it’s about seeing the faults in others, and simultaneously perceiving the cures to these faults. Then the true marriage of partnership and purpose occur from within . . . the outer world eventually aligns and reflects this in kind. This is your messianic destiny, yet these changes -- with their harmonies and rhythms -- do not take place overnight, for there's a lag time with evolution. This lag time exists for relationships to harmonize more permanently over centuries, not temporarily in the short term. All parties eventually surrender to the identical identity at the common center. At such a point, all parties realize they're in the same place and want the same thing. This is the reward for losing yourself into the rhythms, melodies and pulsations of life. This is the reward for reabsorbing the imposter as an innocent nutrient -- not obeyed as an enslaved servant.

Our prayer is that you’re awakening this compassion; that you see the faults of others and then unsee them; that you lead with forgiveness and follow with understanding as the parents of a planet of mere children.

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