Mercury's Gift


Mercury, ahead of the Sun in Scorpio has its station in the deep water. Deep emotions bring charged up thoughts to the surface. Communication need to be prepared so your words carry a clear message. We will feel an urge to express our deep concerns, our compassion and our love. Mercury charges emotions and can be a blessing if you stay present to the upliftment of the message this wave carries. It is forming in the depth of this water sign and bringing up deep intuitions following the eclipse on the 23rd.

In this particular age, the more you are attuned to the global emotional wave (what is inside of you is also outside), the more the message is impersonal. The body reacts to this uplifting of emotions if there are unattended issues, mainly regarding all forms of communication. The intuition will enter your way of communicating, you cannot deny this ability that is asking to serve Oneness.

If we go in and reach out to our own teacher inside to learn how to use this tool and raise the level of consciousness of our Superior SELF, riding that wave, we reach the global healing wave that is now uplifting humanity. Cutting through our own emotional pain or disturbance is the most important aspect of this transit.

The expression of this Mercury invites to a lot of useless words and personal emotions may splash all over the place. Meditate in groups. Search for global meditations. We must use this time to fine tune our compassion which is reaching new depths and open our love to new heights. We must teach by example. We must make each word count and center in the HEART to charge them up with love before we offer them.

Make sure to include Mercury in your list of people and events you are grateful for !

Love and many blessings to all

Shant Joti. For services