Mercury (Part II)


When will we stop the illusion of blaming the mirror for the image it reflects? For how we feel what we feel? For how we are experiencing our experience? The image in the mirror is not different or separate from the object standing before it. We are the objects before the mirror of our experience. The observed and the observer are, in fact, one – and we are always equal to our predicament. The motive and the motivation are, in fact, the same. If you aren’t experiencing yourself everywhere, where are you and what is it that you are experiencing? Where then can you possibly experience you if not everywhere? Believe you experience yourself in some places and moments and not in others is the pure cruelty of duality.

The only question possible when you desire a true relationship is: When is a good time? It is not “when will the right relationship show up?” Ready is a verb that acts through the actions of self-realization and then promotes the rite of a relationship to show up, as opposed to the right relationship.

Ask yourself: “What is being placed before me?” How can you experience yourself in it? If you lack the attention to do this, you will only experience the tension, never the lesson. This is then not the mastery of life at all, but the mastery of hell. To walk out of this hell is the journeyof your struggle – the krya in your mirror.

To master this is a very advanced course of life, is it not? Are you ready for such a level of difficulty? If your desire is yes, then buckle up and get along with it. Creation will produce a miracle of illusions, but then, what else would you expect from an Infinite Source.

Accept the other as yourself and welcoe it home to your Heaven on earth. This introduces your mirroring facility of relationship; where, when you honor the other, you honor your highest self.