Mercury is the Planet That Rules Our Communication


Mercury is the planet that rules our communication — communication rules our relationships — everything in life is a relationship. Therefore, the planet Mercury has a hand in everything. The Mercury finger (the pinky) is formed when you are an embryonic ball in the womb — it is formed from the exact same tissue as the frontal lobe of the brain. This area of the brain contains a complex network of nerve endings and neurons for higher reasoning . . . home of the highest frequencies in the human psyche. Here, your perceptions of the self communicate back to the self . . . out from this sense of self, all relationships are formed.

This is known as the mirroring facility of relationship . . . the observer and the observed. Can you keep up with the vitality of these events that promote the relating in a relation? Or — if no connection appears — do you blame this lack of connection on the mirror? This blame is always far — far from truth. However, when it worms its way into your thinking and appears in your world, it becomes your truth, which is not truth, but . . . the illusion of this confusion is pandemic.

In reality, the observed and the observer are the same event. The only question is how long will it take humanity to commit to the reality of this universal principle? When will our eyes see and our senses connect to the oneness of everything? When will we decide to honor our right to have the rite of a relationship — rather than a capsizing relation-canoe? When will we decide to stand up in our unions and experience the power of relation, the fulfillment and the joy? Remember: you can always stand up in a ship, but do not try it in a canoe.

When will we stop the illusion of blaming the mirror for the image it reflects . . . for how we feel what we feel . . . for how we are experiencing our experience? The image in the mirror is not different and never separate from the object standing before it. We are the objects before the mirror of our experience. The observed and the observer are, in fact, one and we are always equal to our predicament. The motive and the motivation are — in fact — the same.

If you are not experiencing yourself everywhere, where are you and what is it that you are experiencing? Where then can you possibly experience you if not everywhere? Believing you experience yourself in some places and moments and not in others is the pure cruelty of duality.

The only question possible when you desire a true relationship is . . . When is now a good time? . . . not . . . When will the right relationship show up? Ready, is a verb that acts through the actions of self-realization and then promotes the rite of a relationship to show up . . . not the right relationship. Ask yourself — what is being placed before me — how do I experience myself in it? If you lack the attention to do this, you will only experience the tension . . . never the lesson. This is then not the mastery of life at all; it is the mystery of hell. To walk out of this hell is the journey of your struggle — the krya in your mirror.

To master this is a very advanced course of life — is it not? Are you "ready" for such a level of difficulty? If your desire is yes, then buckle up and get along with it. Creation will produce a miracle of illusions — but then, what else would you expect from an Infinite Source.

Accept the other as yourself and welcome it home to your Heaven on Earth. This introduces your mirroring facility of relationship; where, when you honor the other, you honor your highest self.