Mercury Goes Retrograde on October 4th


All of us who suffer the separation in the lower world need the help of Mercury ... the messenger...  the Holy Spirit... the Ananda... the spinal fluid. Mercury shows us the three pillars of our temple but developed, awakened. That is where the wings we can meet the Gods! Hermes is able to travel anywhere in the cosmos. He is the Interpreter, the translator the powerful speaker. He is a patron of knowledge, learning, books, writing and speech. His task is to take us out of our ignorance . . .  we face what we chose to ignore. That is why Mercury retrograde is uncomfortable.

It brings up beliefs that were once so important in a not so distant past.

We communicate through the forces that flow through us. The pillars (on the picture) are the vital body, the astral body and the mental body. In Kundalini, the two side pillars are the Ida and Pingala, the two nadis or channels of energy. They balance the lunar and the solar energy forces in us.

This periode is bringing together people who have been hiding great knowledge from many many centuries ago. They are trying to figure out how to keep hiding what has been already unveiled to those who hear Mercury’s speech. This creates chaos in the collective consciousness and a lot of movement in our own inner beliefs. Mercury is making many corrections in the course of our evolution. This particular Mercury retrograde has to do with awakening. Be attentive and observe . . .  Mercury shows us just how awake we are.

It is harder to try not to hear his message than to gratefuly and humbly work with him.

Meditating on Ida and Pingala is a good practice throughout this period. The more we awaken the bigger the wings!

Shant Joti (Jocelyne Marechal), healer, astrologer and life coach.