Memories are a world, constructed in the brain, that only vaguely mimic the truth. In this world of memories, truth is what you convince yourself of. Today's world is living and lost in a field of memories, built upon recollections of ever more distant memories. Even the school systems of today are focused on memorizing memories. Convenience finds itself believing the vaguely convincing -- while neglecting and rejecting that which is hard to believe. This is the nature of the public debate in the modern world. This is what governs the beliefs of significant segments of humanity . . . these same beliefs govern the public conversations. Proof has been lost in a field of make believe, for whenever proof does not match the story of the moment, then proof -- no matter how true it is -- is determined to be false. The story -- that is only a memory of a memory of a distant vague memory -- remains in place, while the efforts of those innocent populations who are simply attempting to live in the reality of life, become a nightmare. This has not been assembled overnight, and it's not going to be deconstructed all that quickly. The memory field, now posing as truth . . . this field of nightmares, now destroying the Earth, is in need of long term forgiveness. There is no person alive who is responsible for the origins of these memories . . . they are hundreds, if not thousands of generations old, embedded in the epigenetic processes of physical, biological time. The paths leading out of this oblivion are to focus on becoming accurate, effective, real and forgiving, while avoiding all the traps in the memorized public debate. Forgiveness means to 'give-forward' from a memory that is dead -- to this present moment that's alive. It means to [not] remember a memory, of a memory that most likely isn't accurate . . . but is convincing. It means to come out of retribution and into the solution.

Our prayer is that you experience this moment, free from the memories that distort it; that you have the experience of the ocean of love in which life exists; that you release the traditions that fail to honor the importance of presence . . . come out of memory . . . come into life.

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