Life composes time in a series of vignettes, packets containing themes and conditions. Some are well coordinated, while other parts enter without meaning, or focus. The skill of weaving these vignettes together; establishing a common goal and direction, and then navigating the time-waves as they appear, is known as ‘expanded’, or ‘higher’ consciousness. This is the purpose behind every practice of yoga, meditation, contemplation, chanting, conscious breathing, and other activities that focus you beyond the ‘stimulus-response’ relationship. Under-evolved humans -- lost amongst the pressures of ‘stimulus and response’ -- are treating time as a commodity . . . trading it for the events that arrive, moment to moment. This leaves people wanting more and feeling there's not enough. But there's the exact amount that there is . . . the exact times are as they are. Sensations of lack create an unnatural chaos and a mortal fear -- a separation from the center of the immortal Soul. This locks out all coordination with the common goals, and produces an uncommon enemy . . . the complete lack of faith. When years are spent in this faithless environment of confusion wrapped around chaos, life tends to counter with the development of laser-like accountability and mathematical responsibility -- a fanatic obsession in the two dimensions of crisis that lacks warmth, compassion and grace.

These two dimensions keep a running score of right, wrong, good and bad. It’s so compelling that it traps anyone who's not shielded by a consistent outlet of higher consciousness, or opportunities for deep relaxation. This is the purpose of meditation, and guided meditations, with a focus on the breath, are ideal. Science has studied the relationships of DNA, emotions and matter, and found that emotions and feelings actually alter DNA, then DNA alters matter. Those vignettes you live in are physically controlled by your feelings . . . and higher consciousness coordinates feelings.

Our prayer is that you take the time to make up time; alter your time with daily meditations, and compose your vignettes with a coordination that serves you and everyone else around you. Tag... you're it.

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