The Earth's land masses float like ships on the seas of magma . . . moving with a clock of a much longer now, they take eons to shift locations and relations. In the process, this shifting conceals massive amounts of historical data. Civilizations, with records dating back before imaginable time, are buried without a trace within the courses of these ‘continental’ vessels. The way things are today is but a moment in this long story; it reveals a mere fraction of the “forever” past. The human brain does not register this vastness; then, through the limitations of current science, it assembles false projections of time from the perceivable bits. Cultures and religions take false projecting even further -- making up “history” from fantasia, one that excludes even the faintest mention of these deep untrack-able records. In order for humans to survive for any real length of time, the human brain must be inclusive of the moments that have created this current mode of life. Every moment comes from a preceding moment dating back nearly to forever; what you omit will omit you -- when you lose track -- you always lose. Meditations on feelings take you back through the experiences of only this life; meditations on your physical genealogy (mother) take you back seven generations. To feed your greatest awareness with the information that will make clearer sense of the current nonsense, you must meditate on the mother . . . then beyond the Mother Earth itself. Within the Earth’s story, at a mega and quantum level, beyond and beneath everything that registers in your sensory spectrum, lies the source of life’s grandeur within her ancient and nearly silent movements. Tuning into this allows you to know that which has lasted beyond time; ignoring this and it will become the human demise. Our prayer is that you meditate through the mother of your present life; then into the Mother of all life where the Earth becomes a vessel by which you begin to understand all your subtle connections . . . connections not based on feelings, but based on a deep commitment to evolve and extend your existence within all existence. This lies at the source to every aspect of success.