Medicine for the Solution


In the year 1900, there were one and a half billion people on the Earth, and eighty-five percent of all money on Earth was circulating in the streets to purchase food, clothing, shelter and transportation for life. Today, there are seven and a half billion people on Earth, and seventy-five percent of all money on Earth never touches the streets. It’s suspended in what’s called the 'rambling hoard' . . . a system of hoarding and investing for the sake of trading money to make money. It’s literally been taken out of circulating for everyone’s life, and is suspended in a hoard for the purpose of the false security in a few lives. Masters throughout the ages have taught humanity to learn from the heart. The heart exerts in order to give and then completely relaxes in order to receive back. This is a cycle that keeps the circulatory system -- which is central and vital to life -- healthy, successful and fulfilling. When circulation does not completely relax to receive, pressure builds and eventually the body suffers from hypertension. Under this increased pressure, the blood begins abnormally clotting, and the body breaks down in a variety of disorders. Abnormal “clotting” is the current epidemic of hoarding, where an uneven amount of money is being held by an unequal amount of life . . . the system is due for a “stroke” or central heart “attack”. When a person does not relax to receive, but creates tension to get, they never experience the joy of receiving . . . they’re compelled to do more to get more and this produces even greater tension. An endless cycle of striving, doing and getting never experiences the joy of receiving . . . hoarding and amassing ever larger, unsatisfying quantities of capital is the result. This is the root cause of poverty, and the heart of compassion is at risk of failing under this pressure of greed . . . the clots of capital are causing strokes in the system. Our prayer is that you’re an active medicine for the solution; that you’re vigorously relaxed around the positive circulation of capital, and doing your part -- no matter how small -- to relieve the pressure by sharing and caring for a global solution . . . poverty is not humane.