Measure Up


A ruler wasn't someone who set the rule and ordered you to follow them. That's what is known as an enforcer. A ruler was the one within a community that was the most attuned to their plan in a state of grace. They were the most synchronized within time and space and so they set the highest standard. Naturally everyone tried to measure up to that standard and therefore, they were called a ruler (like the instrument to measure). The way society is set up today, enforcers are not setting the highest standard. They are oftentimes setting the lowest standards and enticing us to look the other way. Let us create a global movement of re-attunement. I ask you quite simply, on the path to mastery, are you at entry level participant or a catalyst participant? Are you coming in hoping you can just maintain what you’ve got going or are you ready to flip a switch to ignite and feed change? Perhaps no one in your life has ever asked you to be that before, but from here on forward you are going to measure up and rule. This is completely compatible with your life as it stands now. It's a matter of the attitude in which you perform you duty. Ultimately your “day job” will shift by you adoring how well it has cared for you up until now and simultaneously creating a plan for graceful graduation.