Mastery of Time: Look In the Mirror and Relax Your Face, Does It Look Like It's Having A Good Time?


What is the experience of time? How do you want to spend it? Do you desire to spend your time in misery, yes or no? But you do spend your time. What would you prefer to be in time, trusting or not trusting? But you're not. This is what you need to introduce into you and you do that by accepting its existence already there. The crown chakra is an illusion. It's not, what do I have to do to have a good time. Have a good time. Have it. How can I trust you? Trust you. These are choices. Habit, what is a habit? What is a habitat? It is where you dwell. What is your habit? I told you it would make no sense so sometimes when the brain is not connecting to sense, the brain goes, not the person but the brain goes, I am out of here . . . this makes no sense to me! So the brain takes you into the unconscious where it can feed you a bunch of stuff that also makes no sense but it's under the brain's control. This is called dream time. What is your habit? Look in the mirror and relax your face. Does it look like it's having a good time or does it look like . . . holy God almighty. Get up in the morning and go to the mirror and just look in the mirror and see what you just woke up to. First of all, your mouth isn't smiling and your eyes are probably not twinkling. Some will say: well I haven't had my morning coffee but if you need to stimulate your adrenals with next week's adrenal in order to have a good time today then you're stealing time. The problem with caffeine is that it steals time. If you could learn to ride the adrenal of today as the wind of today and maximize the experience with your sails at the proper angle of today, you could achieve everything there was to achieve in a day because that's the mastery of time.