Master your Language


  When you first learned to speak, in the early days of your developing childhood, it changed your relationship with the space and time and everything else around you. You’ve been advancing these changes ever since that first moment of language. These changes have served you well; they've defined you in your space; explained your space over time; explored and navigated these four dimensions of spacetime within your ever expanding world. But language also stole something from you -- something very valuable -- something you were masterfully using in your preverbal state. Language (which means gauging-a-depth) took away your ability to focus, without measuring or analyzing, beyond the objects in a moment -- it took away your ability to experience beyond time and space. These were your innate intuitive powers -- powers built into your infancy's higher awareness. Prior to verbal communication, everything around you was an extension of your existence; you were able to experience spaces with profound accuracy; this is the psychic power at the center of your senses; this is the power of oneness. With the introduction of language came objectification . . . everything became an object; your words constantly describing and analyzing it all in greatest detail. This produces the mental noise of disturbance, something you were not plagued by when you were non-verbal. Now your task is to reduce this noise of daily life, the noise that drowns out subtle signals from your intuitive higher awareness; these are the signals of hope and inspiration; the signals of experiential accuracy . . . signals that give insight to the blind in a world filled with mystery. Our prayer is that you master your language, but also master your ability to turn it off and be silent. When it’s time to experience the accuracy of unemotional, undisturbed clarity, be able to turn on silence and achieve profound connectedness at will.