Master of your Environment


There’s no being in love and being out of love -- not the way it’s used in current conversations -- that's just a fantasy expression. Love is a universal constant – abundantly, everywhere always. You're always in love, you reside in an ocean of it. Saying unconditional love is like saying ‘love—love’ . . . love is always unconditional . . . you are either experiencing it, or you aren’t. To experience this love requires the openness in your heart to be aware of this universal constant. This takes courage -- which means ‘a time of the heart’ -- because love leaves you highly vulnerable. The willingness to remain vulnerable, in this current world of ‘great perceived danger’, would be considered extremely foolish to the perspective of “logic.” That’s why it has been said throughout history that “fools rush in.” However, having the sense of love is in fact an actual sense; it’s as obvious as having any other sense. There’s a pathway through the heart, just as there’s an auditory, and an optical pathway for those senses. To have the sense of love you must allow this pathway, through the heart, to remain open in the face of all the input . . . even danger. Humans also once had a botanical sense – one that could tell us, just by approaching a plant – whether it was medicine, food, or poison. You've lost this sense, because when you began to cultivate your food you no longer used it . . . what you don’t use, you will lose. Humans have lost a great deal of the ability to sense the ocean of love, because when you live in constant fear -- whether a high, or low level fear -- you don’t want love to obscure the messages of danger. To remain in your heart in the midst of these messages -- to remain aware of the ocean of love you are in -- requires great courage, great strength and a great sense of self-confidence. Our prayer is that you reestablish all of your lost senses; truly become a self-sensory human and master of your environment. Welcome the messages that these sense have to deliver, and bath in their miracles in the ocean of love . . . miracles surrounded by danger, that’s the nature of love . . . safety in the midst of peril . . . be the fool and love it.