Marriage is a complex word: MA means the moon energy; RA means the sun energy, and AGE means time. Ma-ra-age: a time when the moon (female) and the sun (male) relate and fully reflect. Marriage is not expressly between a man and a woman . . . it's between the male and female energy and we all have both. It is a dedication of the experience of love . . . the universal ocean that allows all life to exist and knows no limits -- yet presents good boundaries of safety and health. Commitment is like a wild animal, strongest when it's cornered . . . very interesting. It's not so much a projection, as it is a restriction . . . the shutting off of all escapes. This restriction of any outside escape, creates the greatest strength inside . . . identical to the advice, "nerver corner a wild animal." Cornered commitment induces the greatest strength and purpose. Marriage is a dedication of this strength and purpose. As my wife and I celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary today, our prayer is that you honor every relationship that's important in your life; shut the doors -- nail down the windows; force yourself to play for real . . . with total purpose. Give yourself the blessing of living with commitment . . . be your wildest self, and make sure your relationships are ships not relation-canoes . . . stand up in them and boldly experience their support.