Did you sing song of praise this morning? Did you use the words that have been discovered by the swamis and the yogis and the mystics that have gone before you that are able to produce an electromagnetic pressure within your physical body? These are called mantras. Did you use them sufficiently today? Did you place the biochemical pressures in your body in those areas in order to balance the emotions that are causing an imbalance in you today? Did you analyze the makeup of your emotional components today? Did you look at the spectrum of your emotions and say, ok I got this much of this and this much of this and I got this much of this and this much of this and that's my score. I would prefer to have a different score. What would you prefer?

Have you ever been to a movie and you did not know what was playing? I went to a movie not too long ago because somebody else wanted to go to this movie, I had no idea what it was about. I am in the theater and little kids are crying, their moms saying: ''It's Ok…it's OK Johnny''. . . I am sitting out in the hallway crying my eyes out, so I decide to go into another movie, and now they are blowing each other up. So I come out of that movie and I feel, my God, I am trapped in a theater.