Manifest "What Is"


The outcome of any moment is the combination of your preconception and the insistence within the conception of the moment . . . referred to -- by the masters -- as the “what is.” There’s an additional influence available through your higher consciousness, a “super-condition” at the quantum level within the core of all matter and all moments. This has influence far stronger than preconception, and beyond the insistence of “what is” . . . this is the “super-condition” of knowing that “it’s already done.” A mantra that perfectly depicts this knowing is -- Humee hum brahm hum -- “what is to be, already is.” When this third condition is introduced to the other two, you have the ‘traction’ that guides each moment as if being led by some masterful power beyond time . . . beyond any preconception; beyond any influence of ‘what is’. With this super-knowing, your desired outcome is just a matter of spending time . . . which is all you have in life anyway. The famous saying: “It’s just a matter of time,” works its “magic” and ultimately nothing’s impossible. This is the ‘knowing’ of patience; it replaces all the snarky ‘waiting’ of patience . . . the outcome of what’s “already done” pays you dividends by being done through the time that you spend. As you become more and more aware of these quantum mechanics around you -- you can make a decision -- you're no longer playing to your reflection, like most everyone does . . . always influenced by OPO (other people’s opinions) -- you’re going to be your own projection. No more of the “mirror—mirror,” no more need for confirmation, validation, or authorization . . . you . . . are . . . free. Suddenly the world is filled with similarities -- this is the safety delivered with ‘freedom’. Before this freedom of similarities, you’re dealing with the scary differences and disappointments . . . like the current nature of human nature. Our prayer is that you believe in this freedom; that you use this patience of knowing to manifest the outcomes within all of your moments, and then allow the momentum of each moment to carry you through the miracle of free time . . . to manifest your desires that are already done.