Make yourself at home


Can you enter the year that way? Can you enter this year and make it your home? Say yes. Tomorrow morning you are going start questioning yourself. You'll look in the mirror and go, how do I look? What kind of question is that? Look in the mirror and go, I look this way because it's true isn't it? Look in the mirror tomorrow morning and go, this is how I look and then say, “I feel at home.” I feel at home with the way I look, I feel at home with the way I feel, I feel at home. I am not saying you look great or you feel great, I am saying you feel at home. If you can feel at home where you are then you started the trip to where you want to be. If you can't feel at home the way you are, you can't get to where you need to start. The fastest runner in the world, if he never gets to the starting line, will not run the race, will not win the race. Does that make sense? Tomorrow morning, first thing in the morning look into the mirror and what do you say? This is the way I look. Walk across the room and say, this is the way I feel and I will be at home with all this looking and feeling. Then I will sit and determine in the meditative mind where do I want to go now that I feel at home where I am. Where do I want to go from this home? What should I know about that journey? I will be successful on that journey. I am at home where I am and that's where I want to be. I will be successful because I will be at home with every breath of that journey. With that dynamic silence the outcome is guaranteed. All the other things you learned in our life, throw them away if they contradict that statement. Do you understand? I am selling this, it's free. Wake up tomorrow morning and feel at home. Feel like garbage but feel at home like garbage. Look like garbage but feel at home looking like garbage. Be good with that garbage. I worked sixty-four years to look like this garbage and that's just in this lifetime.

Can you do that?