Make Use of The Whole Human System


At this point in our evolution it is a must to use the whole human system. A common belief of today is we have a body and when that body stops functioning, life is over. Because of this, life is considered a fragile event and all sensations are insecure. With this fragility, everything about life is considered critical and unsafe. This is the driving motivation of today’s human world. But where is the motivation for joy when it’s all viewed from such a critically fragile posture? There is a lot of fear in the world today, and not a lot of joy. If you teach otherwise, you are considered naive and foolish.

To transcend from this fragile system to one where life is eternal and joy is essential is the required phenomenon.

This transition cannot easily be put into words, your feelings about it can’t be described, but it is there. This sensation is what the mystics and yogis called our "Immortal Authority".

We have so many unrealistic concepts attached to our beliefs -- but if we shift this too rapidly our fears will rebel.

To work effectively with the world as it is we have to be consistent, determined, compassionate, patient, intelligent and intuitive.