Make Nothing Impossible


Your physical life is coordinated by consciousness -- or spirit body, plus the focus of your brain -- the five regions of the mental body, and your feelings -- the emotional body. To manifest willfully, you must coordinate this human instrumentation. Most humans are just smart animals; very few can articulate or calibrate this power and miracle of being human . . . a power no other creature possesses. When the passion, from the emotional body, is focused through this matrix, there’s nothing humanly impossible. But passion is normally unconscious, an unfocused emotion without controls . . . not a tool, but a weapon. Consciousness has two modalities: one is to create horizons, or expansions; the other is to produce a focal point . . . one pointedness. Horizons open exploration and the vast intuition. Focal points draw this in to understand and establish the next steps in any given moment. The direction of the eyes during meditation will establish which of these you use: mediations at the third eye point create horizons; meditations on the tip of your nose create a focal point. The five regions of the mental body are the subconscious, super-conscious and the conscious mind . . . with the conscious-mind subdivided into negative (inspective); positive (projective), and neutral (introspective). Meditations coordinate this . . . a master planner of life’s game. Without a regular practice of meditation, life is just a ball in the game . . . rolling wherever it’s kicked. Meditation on a daily basis makes you a player, a coach, and even an owner of the time of your life . . . able to draw the map of your life. The world around you is always going to be the world around you; like the weather, you have no control over this. How it affects you, and what you make of it -- this can be up to you. Our prayer is that, in the dark nasty storms of this time in the history of life, you build a habit of meditation to become a player, a coach, and the owner of your time; that you make choices from moment to moment about the depth, direction and purpose of your life, and that you give yourself the powers of your human ability each moment in your life . . . make nothing impossible.