Make Equality Your Constant Companion


An important task of life is to reduce the influence on the soul-body down to a few layers of individual consciousness that are translucent and clear. This allows the pure light of the soul-body -- which is identical in everyone -- to shine through every moment. With this light exposed and shining brightly, you're able to share vast qualities and quantities of empathy, compassion, connection, and oneness in a way that’s visceral, tangible, and practical to those around you. Everything about relating, until this level of relationship is reached, is just so much speculation amongst strangers in strange lands . . . profoundly inaccurate. When in the presence of this refined translucency however, you're inside the inside nature of a spiritual journey . . . a journey not to go anywhere, but to remove the layers of distortion and filtration and get down to that clarity of the soul. This is where there's little of the finite 'you' and a whole lot of the infinite 'everything' . . . the Universal soul-body shines through this experience. Within this higher consciousness, you have an entirely different sense . . . the landscape fills with levels of compassion . . . unrecognized in the lower, more combative natures. You learn, in these moments, that a compassionate life is a life of equalities. All of these equality qualities, when added together, see GOD in your loved ones, and in your enemies . . . every one of them is equal to you in the sum of the total. You are in fact equal to the greatest of the great, and the worst of the worst, or as Yogi Bhajan said, "If you don't see GOD in all, you don't see GOD at all." Our prayer is that you make equality your constant companion; that you reduce the layers of inequality by breathing deeply into each experience, and in addition to seeing what you see -- also focus on seeing the GOOD and the GOD in each moment . . . all angles are embraced by the soul-seer, and the soul-seer is embraced.