Make Courage a Priority


Your courage demonstrates your self-value. Your immune system is a direct reflection of the character and deepest sense of this value . . . immunity protects that which is valuable. Immunity to the attack of pathogens is a direct correlation to the demonsration of personal wellness . . . wellness expresses valuableness over worthlessness. Some of the strongest immunity is found in persons with deeply diverse breeding. Just as the opposite is true -- inbreeding creates genetic weakness. Looking deeper into this . . . higher valuation generates courage; courage generates openness; openness will acquaint with strangers. Taking this to the most extreme cases in history -- archaeological studies of mating across deep genetic differences verify that there was tremendous immune benefits . . . still present in the today's DNA. When migrating "modern-type" humans bred with "archaic-type" humans, such as the Neanderthals, the innate immune strength of the resulting DNA improved. Science explains that Neanderthals lived in Europe and western Asia for 200,000 years before "modern-type" humans arrived, they were already adapted to the local climate, foods and pathogens. Interbreeding helped the migrating humans to expand their immune strength and meet the new challenges. Because infectious disease attacks weakness, the stronger genes involved in immunity spread rapidly through natural selection . . . they also spread their value of courage. You personally have these genes -- made possible by your ancient 'high-self-value' ancestors with courage -- not being afraid of seeing their self in a very different "other" person. Evolution always honors this courage of connection. Our prayer is that you make courage a priority in developing your path forward; take risks in ways that expand your views of what's connectable; also connect your views to the polarities -- to that which is completely different -- capture the reward of this massively increased value. Take the risk -- connect with those who are different -- evolution is now on your side of history.