Make a Difference Together


All life is a network -- a cooperative -- and according to the World Food Organization, Earth’s current agricultural potential can feed at least twelve billion people. Even with all the challenges we have with water and land, the Earth is still abundant; it’s prepared to feed every child, every woman, and every man alive. This requires that food not be considered a commodity, but a rightful necessity; that food pricing not be subject to speculation, and food be distributed as an obligation directly connected to the privilege of being alive. But currently this is not the case . . . food is a market where prices are set by commodity speculators . . . distribution is determined by the highest bidders, and profit motives literally control who lives and who dies by starvation. Every single day on Earth, twenty-seven thousand people starve to death . . . mostly children. The human species does not adhere to any natural balance when it comes to the distribution of food . . . all other creatures are oriented toward group prosperity . . . the largest numbers thrive with tremendous fairness and equality . . . this is the way of nature. But not the current human nature -- far from being the most advanced creature on this planet -- humans, are in many ways, the babies of the evolutionary cycle. “Free-will” -- the ability of the human to step outside the commanding balance of nature -- creates its own nature. The ability to compassionately apply “free-will” is the challenge that faces humanity as life evolves. By caring for this planet in holistic terms; by experiencing what happens to others as a measure of the total health; by compassionately working for prosperity in every life -- not the profits of lifeless capital . . . no one would be suffering the indignation of starvation. Our prayer is that you take your place in the abundant life; open your “free-will” to create solutions for all life to prosper; evolve as an example -- become an adult -- be a parent to humanity -- create a compelling influence for others to follow -- make absolutely certain everyone is eating . . . this is a place to start . . . this is the basis of life . . . you alone can make a difference together.