Magic Mountains: Experiencing a Force Beyond Gravity

As my wife and I drive home from Summer Solstice in New Mexico each year, we cross the New Mexico desert, the Arizona desert, and California’s Mojave Desert. Near the western end of these deserts we turn off the interstate onto a two-lane highway that crosses some of the most majestic mountains . . . Highway #247. This road is in the middle of nowhere; it is straight as an arrow, and there are usually no other cars. Your visibility captures miles of the vast desert floor as you look across what seems to extend forever. Out on this land there is hardly a plant that you could chew if you ever got stuck. The geological formations however, the ones that rise from the earth, these are a living phenomenon. One experiences the forces of nature that have actually countered gravity.

We feel such exhilaration in places like this; mountains are living creatures and they have grown from the Earth as they countered the enormous force of gravity. When you are amongst these giants you experience their massive efforts that have transcended gravity . . . the force that holds everything on Earth. You feel the sheer exhilaration of levity.

This is why yogis have always loved the Himalayas. This is why indigenous people have always loved the Andes. These mountains are living bodies, the earth is a living body and you yourself have a living body. When you are amongst the mountains, you are aligning your body with the forces of the other gigantic bodies. They become your teachers, they become your healers . . . an extremely sacred sensation. Your five senses feel at ease amongst their pure balance of the five forces.

Be the yogis; be the indigenous ones; spend time in nature and allow it to become your teacher. Learn to heal the unnatural worldly life through the use of these natural forces. Learn to balance gravity and levity. Become a force of nature.