Magic Mountains


As we were driving home from New Mexico, we crossed the Mojave desert and we turned off at Barstow in order to get to Big Bear. From Barstow to Big Bear the fastest way is not on the interstate but it's on a two-lane highway that crosses the desertmountains, highway 247. You are out in the middle of nowhere and there is no other car on the road and you can see the road for like ten miles because it is straight as an arrow and you're up at like six thousand feet and you're looking down at the desert floor about four thousand feet in front of you and there is nothing.

When you're up in the mountain there is not even a plant up there that you can gnaw on if you got stuck. The geological formation that is rising off the earth in those kinds of places is phenomenal because you're experiencing the forces of nature that actually countered gravity.

That's why when you're on these mountains you feel such exhilaration. They are living creatures that have gone counter to gravity in massive quantities and so you're sitting in amongst these things and you're feeling the force that is against the force of gravity.

You don't have a thought about anything but the sheer exhilaration. Why do you think the yogis loved the Himalayas? Why do you think the indigenous people loved the Andes? Because it's a body, the earth is a body and you have a body yourself and you're aligning your body with the forces of another body. It's a very healing sensation because the only thing that is unhealing about life is disease and you feel at extreme ease because there is a balance in the forces.