Magic Happens When we Stop Using Fear And Doubt To Interfere With The Infinite Capacity of the Cosmos


Magic happens when we stop using fear and doubt to interfere with the infinite capacity of the Cosmos. Magic is the way of the feminine (the Ma). Logic is the way of the masculine (the Law). Today's world does not readily acknowledge the power of MA (which appears to the untrained senses as chaos). The world is consumed by its obsession with LAW . . . and the predictability of ORDER. This is the world of a child needing the predictability of order to feel safe. This is the world that produces GOD as a disciplinarian — a father figure — the world of the exclusive logic.

This attitude will soon be forced from the grip of humanity as the era changes. This is what we are beginning to experience at this time as the logical pressures mount. The more you are open to magic, the more you will feel centered and at peace in these changing times.

The new evolution is one that engages GOD as the balance of both male and female. It is where awareness opens to the infinite possibility of reality rather than the limited predictability of a particular law.