Magic and Logic


Traditional physics -- the way science describes the universe to itself -- is facing a major challenge as quantum mechanics and general relativity open entirely new perspectives within the old perceptions of "reality." These disruptive revelations ask you to rethink your notions of time, of space, and the world of the miniscule . . . the quanta. Spiritual masters, over the ages, have spoken of this quanta using a different word . . . maya . . . the illusive and fluid nature of spacetime. We now live in an era where spirit and science are merging their vast knowledge bases into a kind of coalition. Like the doctor who says they've found the "God-spot" in the brain, science is merging with this awareness of spirit. Science has always focused on developing mechanical and mathematical tools of logic, but their research is rapidly discovering that it can't confine itself to these methods . . . it can't neglect direct intuition, or unexplainable experiential anomalies. It realizes -- it cannot neglect the invisible parts of the universe . . . it can't let its obsession with logic, ignore the magic. Logic is the 'yang' while 'magic' is 'yin' . . . not the magic of a card trick, but the truly invisible and unexplainable forces that exist. This is a perspective of "reality" that's grounded in the capacity of your intuition to imagine the world. Quantitative measures of qualitative content, has always represented science and its essential understanding of this physical world. But, what if the physical world is not all physical? What if it's -- in part -- a construct projected from beyond spacetime? Like soul plus body equals life . . . logic plus magic equals reality. Relentless love is the engine that spirit uses to create this coalition . . . science, now noting this relentless force, will soon be able to map the whole ocean of life . . . the logic and the magic. Our prayer is that you pay equal attention to the magic and the logic in your life, for they are equally real; open your life to the invisible forces of relentless love and bless this world with logical explanations for all the inexplicable magic.