Love Your Challenges


Damaged, troubled, bankrupt--these are common illusions regarding life's condition in its current form. But life cannot actually experience bankruptcy as long as there’s breath. With every breath there's opportunity, and with every opportunity there's a way through each moment. “Damaged”--“troubled”--“bankrupt” are demystified by using expanded consciousness...the heightened awareness. The darkness recedes and light becomes more obvious...the greater your challenges and difficulties--the greater your capacities to achieve their open your expand this discover the way through.

There’s a sutra for this new era: “When pressure is on--start--and the pressure will be off.” This is all connected to the law of matter--for every action there’s an equal reaction...for every reaction there will be an equal action. It’s a continuum...a cycle in a circle, like a Mobius strip. In this reality, debt is not a bad thing; it’s just an obligation to demonstrate your true value. Anytime there’s an obligation, there’s the power to fulfill it, right there all the time.

The great masters would always say, "They love their weaknesses, otherwise they wouldn't have them.” Weaknesses are the clues to the strengths--their polarities--guides toward highly desired outcomes. Expanded awareness can see the debt/weakness/despair, and immediately connect to the opposites...knowing it’s the obligation of’s the law of balance and equal value. This is that opportunity.

Our prayer is that you use both your debt and your assets--your weaknesses and your capacities--to move forward through the maze of life in this material dimensions; that you recognize the nature of balance in each moment and use your physical balance to instill a psycho-emotional balance into your life. Stand on one leg and then on the other for at least three minutes each day with your arms stretched above your head...use this measureable balance to achieve the immeasurable...the glimmers of joy that are right there. Love your challenges.

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