Love to Connect


When children become a challenge to your "authority" . . . they are separating from your shelter as a parent to establish their identity . . . they’re acting under the influence of an evolutionary guidance. To break from the past is a natural progression of becoming what is to be. In order to work with them; to maintain a relationship that's empathic, compassionate and loving, one must work with cosmic brilliance. This too is an evolutionary stimulant . . . without this there would be no parental progression. It’s time to work with creative imagery . . . mastery has done this forever. Think of the children as turbulent winds; then capture their activities in the visionary loft of your “sails.” Ride these rough winds for the moment -- with all of the countless angles, hidden corners and bottomless pits that they display. Once you become accustomed to the nature of the ride, it’s time to shift from a reactive into a proactive nature. Just like sailing a real vessel in the winds of great change, there’s no way to control the wind, you only control the angles of your sails . . . this is very indirect in its approach to the exact goal. Use your imagination to visualize, or visceralize (feel) yourself guiding the moment toward its port of destiny. Move through the angles without force and without confronting the children. Whenever you're with them hold this image in your heart; the ideas of how to connect; how to unfold this relation-ship will be fed through your thoughts and your feelings . . . breath by breath from the universal mind. When you begin to align with this convergence, you become highly intuitive. Intuition is not good guessing . . . intuition knows beyond the rational mind; you will know what to do and how to act because it will miraculously appear. Our prayer is that you are radical enough to take these radical steps toward solutions as parents and elders; that you allow the younger generations to become their own solutions to what the past generations have been disrupting, and that you trust this process that’s built into nature . . . what you’re facing is the evolution of progress . . . not punishment. Learn to love it . . . love to connect.