love still surrounds you


Love is an ocean in which all life lives, it is required to support the nature of living nature. All individual identities live within this ocean; this ocean has always been here; it connects everyone to everything and everyone . . . a compelling vibration of the space between us. You only allow yourself to experience this ocean when you feel completely safe. Whoever you feel safe around, in their presence you experience the love that surrounds you . . . you say,"I love you." But this is a stretch because you've only felt safe . . . love is the awareness. Whenever you don’t feel safety in the presence of another, your sensory system shuts down; you become numb to the vast ocean of love surrounding you; you make claims of dislike and even hatred . . . none of which has any truth . . . love still surrounds you. It's obvious that the key here is to experience safety -- when this happens, love is experienced. To achieve this sensation of safety, the ancient wisdom keepers taught the science of meditation, yoga, chanting, prayer and lucid dreaming to build the awareness of the eternal self, the indestructible self, called “Wahe Guru” in their language. This was a secret science, hoarded by the Brahman cast, until the time of Guru Nanak, five hundred years ago. This was a time in history of great global awakening. In the West this was the Renaissance -- the Age of Enlightenment. It was an equal awakening of consciousness in the East. Today there is a great surge of spiritual mastery, this is guiding your journey toward a sense of absolute safety. And because the physics of this universe is built on polarities, "for every action there is an equal reaction," this journey to safety creates its polarity . . . the polarity of safety is fear. Our prayer is that you establish a practice in the ancient science of Wahe Guru; work with the resulting safety to experience the love that is everywhere always; know this experience and teach others how to feel safe; understand those who live in fear and compassionately offer them some of your safety.