Love is an Ocean


Today, there’s an evolving meme, a new “normal” family . . . split marriages; multiple parents; children with split loyalties, and fragmented DNA. It's not a bad thing . . . it's just a new evolution, and not yet fully defined 'thing'. There are countless split families in this world . . . a new formation in which all the parents, who love their children -- but can't live with each other -- are challenged to be selfless . . . to produce an environment of constant, meaningful and compassionate communication between themselves. This must be done in order to induce and evolve the neuro-social, exogenetic confidence within the children . . . an essential non-verbal conversation -- developed in the brain's latest evolution -- which allows a human to fully comprehend their path . . . its origins to its destiny. Without this outer conversation, the essential inner conversation goes silent; does not support self-worth; cannot express its depth of feelings . . . because these ‘feelings’ feel unauthorized. If the outer conversation of origins -- or near origins -- is split, then the child's inner conversation is unspeakable . . . it splits and disconnects. This moment in the history of human life is not a tragedy, it's an evolutionary opportunity. There are reasons why evolution is taking this particular path; it will require the participants to arrive at a new zero point . . . the point that literally has nothing; that can only channel the universal mind in order to make sense. In this nothing, all the disruptive and disrespectful doubts of the relational history are like the rain . . . only a problem within particular perspectives. This new meme is about perspective; it’s the responsibility of all human adults to be adult, to be “pay-rents” and maintain constant, open, loving communication . . . this is your evolutionary responsibility. Our prayer is that you dance in this new rain with your verbal relevance; use the umbrella of compassionate responses to morph any difficult misunderstandings; see all children in the characteristics of the "ex" and remember -- love is an ocean in which all life dwells . . . experience the ocean -- release the emotion.