Lose your Worst Critic


When you have yourself as your own best friend, you've lost your worst critic. Dishonesty amongst friends is generally a weakness of courage rather than an intention to be false. In the face of such a weakness, it’s forgiveness and compassion that returns the relationship to its strength without loss. This is how self-forgiveness is vital in maintaining the value of the best friend self. Maintaining this friendship is at the base of all other relations. Some might claim that this is like being “full of yourself” . . . but take note, being ‘full of yourself’ is not a bad thing, it’s just a ‘thing’ . . . a ‘thing’ that can be used to care for others, or boast about yourself. When being ‘full of yourself’ is used to care for others, your “cup” is overflowing . . . you’re life is of service. Being of service to others is one of the healthiest investments one can make; healthy, not only to your emotional body, but studies have traced this health into the physical body as well. In fact, being of service to others is a great gift you can give yourself . . . it returns the best friend -- of the self -- to the self in massive quantities. This is when the emotional body is in peak form, and at this level of performance you realize all emotions have purpose. Even intolerance for example . . . intolerance is best used to be intolerant of intolerance. This forces a deeper dive into the root causes of the intolerance that you’re intolerant of. Suddenly, in the midst of this deep dive, you’re led to self-examination . . . the root cause of others is found within yourself. It’s this non-logical state that brings intuitive explanations into the moment . . . the moment speaks for itself because you won’t tolerate anything less. This is called self-realization . . . the mastery that’s delivered by the best friend self. Our prayer is that you welcome your ‘self’ as your best friend forever; acknowledge this relationship on a daily basis; then turn all other relations into opportunities for service . . . the return on your investment will be healthy, happy and holy.