Longing to Belong


The chemistry of sacred -- the drivng force of all life -- is found in the longing to belong, to connect to that which surrounds you. This is the ‘relate and exchange’ routine of all authentic communication . . . this will always be somewhat disruptive because it's so vital and deeply honest. The noise of indoctrination is what programs us to lose touch with this honest chemistry of the sacred. Cerebral spinal taps have revealed that there's a distinct photonic-crystal structure in the fluid that flows in the spine and surrounds the brain . . . this is the source that actually communicates this honest longing within and around the physical body. The band of frequencies found in this fluid's communication are identical to the ones found directed between the most powerful stellar light energies. In other words, the same frequencies that cause you to want to connect with one another, are the frequencies that connect the stars together in this Universe. These nano-crystal fluids are also responsible for carrying the optical portion of the kundalini rising . . . which is the largest portion of all the kundalini activity. Here you have it -- your Kundalini rising is the same frequency as the stars connecting -- is the same frequency as your desire to be a part of the whole -- is the key to your higher consciousness, and the chemistry of the sacred . . . all is one. Our prayer is that you constantly rejuvenate this crystalline fluid through yoga, prayer, meditation, music, dance, breath and joy; that you believe in your authority to create your own stardom, and that you're at peace within the noise that naturally surrounds this chemistry of sacredness . . . it’s just the reaction that’s equal to your sacred actions.