Living True Relationships (Part I)


Living-true-relationships are connections that prosper from our observations looking for more participation, not inspections looking for the judgments of performance. When you experience fulfillment of such a relationship, you have an awareness of connection without any credits or scores for the performance. It is effortless, painless and gratifying.

There are many options in every moment of life, but in such a true relationship you are without options. You have surrendered them all to your commitment – this is why, even though they are desired, living true relationships are generally avoided.

You fear giving up these options as they represent safety nets and backup plans. These kinds of authentic relationships are where options are no longer options. Survival instincts tell you to run like the wind.

Touch the teachings of the greatest masters – “be as death while alive,” they tell you. “Have no options.” When you have this as a choice, to have no choice, you are at the gates of surrender at all times. This is authenticity; sit and seek no results in it. Be in a state of complete zero – shunya. This is the gateway to the land of miracles. You cannot calculate your way into this land, but once you are in, you don’t want to leave. You have the time of your life an become a beacon for others.