Living in Gratitude

 Yoga and meditation are invaluable tools that bring me to a place of balance.  Both physically and emotionally.  I often tell my students the more flexible our spine the more flexible our mind.  This phrase rings true for me as a mother.  Since the birth of my daughter 2 years ago, I have yet to experience a day go as planned.  To help me stay vital, graceful and at times sane I incorporate  pranayama exercise into my day.  Pranayama means the regulation of breath.

My teacher has often said when we master our breath we learn how to master our life.  In this way our children can be our greatest teachers.  If we learn how to breathe and release moments of crazy, we reset ourselves to greater possibilities and a more neutral set of emotions.  Here is how I do this......When I feel I have nothing left I take a deep inhale in, sustain the breath inside me, visualize it moving through all parts of my body providing me light and then exhale.  That is it.  There are no bells and whistles, it just works!  Now that my daughter is old enough she often participates with me.   I find when we do it together it resets our emotions and is a healthy shared experience.   We both release what is no longer serving us and often go from frustration to laughter in the matter of seconds.

I invite you to join me on Saturday, January 24th from 3:30-6:00 p.m. at Golden Bridge Yoga in Santa Monica as we explore additional yogic tools and techniques for everyday living.  It will be an afternoon of relaxation, renewal and reward as you leave feeling equipped to tackle life’s everyday challenges with simple, fast and effective ways to “go within”.   These are useful methods for parents or anyone managing life’s everyday ups and downs.

--By Jennifer Marcaccini