Live What You’ve Earned


You want to drop those old stories that tell you to earn a living. Folks, you're already alive. These stories about hustling to earn something that you are inadequate without, are what make you addicted to substances that give you some kind of consistent reality. Tobacco gives you a consistent reality. You can predict what you will feel like if you take a drag on a cigarette. Alcohol gives you a predicted outcome. Take a drink, you know how you're going to feel. So of course you're lost in the desires that have been given to you by someone or something else. You're lost in this concept, this gap, and the divergence is getting larger and larger. Because you’re so lost, you want to shrink back into what you know and can predict. The way you get this noise out of your brain is by chanting. With chanting, you begin to erase the echoes, the noise that makes you completely unglued when things don't go the way you want them to go. Replace that with divinity and keep it on repeat.