Live Outside the Logic


Universal carbon pollution is the scientific name for what’s commonly known as ‘climate change’. As carbon pollution it’s obvious that it’s being caused by humans, and the obvious result is larger storms with longer droughts, but this is only the obvious . . . the real problems go much deeper. Universal carbon pollution, caused by the love of ‘false profits’ from carbon fuels, is actually destroying the ecological foundation of life. ‘Deep-science’ says that life is now facing a repeat of the ‘Great Permian Extinction’ that occurred 248 million years ago. ‘The great dying’, as it’s known, was a mass extinction unrivalled in Earth’s history -- nearly eliminating life on the planet. Ninety-six percent of plant and animal species were wiped out, which means all life today is descended from only four percent of the life that existed before this. Insects and marine life suffered the most . . . they were nearly completely wiped out. If science is correct, and this might be happening again with a human cause, then it’s happening within the “laws” of human nature, but outside natural law.

The solutions are therefore to be found outside the laws of human nature. Law comes from the word logic . . . the solutions will be found outside logic. It’s time to break logics, and shift the absolutes of spacetime. Astrophysics knows that when you break the laws of logic, the separations of space disappear; a synchronicity occurs; a parallel symmetry takes place, and the absolutes of harmony arise. All of this disrupts the status quo, but since the status quo is causing a potential global disaster, it’s time to break it . . . time to be an outlaw. It’s time to transform the tensions, pressures, stresses and frictions of the status quo in life -- into the ease, joy, knowing and liberation at the source of life and avoid this extinction.

Our prayer is that you’ll learn from the warnings of science and history; realize the status quo of logic is following the misleads of human nature; break the logic of this behavior and introduce a magic into life. If there’s time left in this dilemma, there’s an answer here too . . . become the answer . . . live outside the logic.

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