Live in Your Light


The human quantum crystal biology -- the phenomenal content in the fluids that make up 75% of your physical body, is mutable -- it changes according to the angles of lightness, and or darkness, in your overall attitude in life. You can even change this at will when your will runs deep enough. It’s the magic that governs the non-logical nature of your subtle existence . . . the magic that influences the logic. In order to have any influence over this -- the very core of your being -- you must be a master of compassion and forgiveness . . . releasing the moments of the past that occupy any of your energy. This delivers your awareness to the clarity of a new presence, and builds from the brand new light that's shining through this fresh health. Without releasing the old stagnant moments, you hold on to their evidence which blocks out the new light in the current moment . . . the very presence of the present cannot shine through. Current moment -- also known as presence -- is the health that's within all new beginnings. Beginnings are made up of this healthy fresh light of brand new hope; of the insights and solutions to everything. The word solutions literally comes from this new fresh light shining through the crystals that are floating in the ‘solutions’ that make up 75% of your physical body . . . your attitudes shift the crystalline angles, which shifts the outcomes of the light. Our prayer is that your attitudes are filled with light; that you process your darkness rapidly and move on to the solutions that are waiting to be found, and use the magic in the logic to create a life of magnificence . . . live in your light.