Live in Your Liberated State


Mandalas -- scenes in nature -- sacred geometry -- these are like barcodes . . . when viewed with openness, they expose the psycho-emotional and psycho-biological entrances to the higher human consciousness. This then discovers the pathways out of all limitations contained in three dimensional spaces, and the fourth dimension of time . . . all the experiences in your physical body. This higher consciousness is your liberation -- a freedom that envelops you with endless possibilities and boundless inspiration. Wrapped around each moment, standing at the threshold of this fifth dimension, you’re in complete equilibrium -- with total balance -- using intuitive comprehension merged with empathy and compassion to guide your relationships . . . everything is a relationship. In liberation, all twelve-hundred distinct angles of your psyche are experiencing the moment -- each beat of the heart with its seven thousand potential thoughts. This represents 8.4 million perspectives that are always available to experience any moment.

Liberation is the mastery that’s able to access these 8.4 million perspectives as a source of absolute knowing that perspectives are the greatest tools for life. Such is the life of mastery, and this is the goal of your meditations; your yoga, and everything else from diet, to exercise, to pets, and lifestyles. This is the purpose of walks in natural settings . . . why protecting nature is so vital. Liberation is the ultimate destiny . . . to be natural . . . a builder of communities . . . an asset to group consciousness within each village/community. This phenomenon takes place in every species attuned to nature . . . a phenomenon that’s avoided in the ‘fear-based’ emotional infra-structures of human nature. This divergence from nature by human nature is obsessed with militaristic attitudes lost in the survival of the fittest, rather than finding everything survives by fitting together.

Our prayer is that you live outside the laws of human nature; that you live in your liberated state, and practice everything to create and keep compassionate intuition as the mandala of your natural life.

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